DIY Gold Leaf Painting

There are two reasons I love thrift shopping; one, you find everything at super cheap prices and two, they are always unique. The other day I found this frame. It may not be one of a kind but at 100 rupees (~1 dollar) it was a steal. Obviously, I bought it thinking I’ll  come up with something to put in later. 

My dorm’s main wall is a dark blue and the rest are white. So, I knew I wanted something with blue, white and gold in it. And here it is! What do you guys think?


If you want to make a gold leaf painting too, here are the things you’d need:

  1. white drawing sheet
  2. blue acrylic paint
  3. gold leaf
  4. gum stick
  5. scissors
How to

Cut the drawing sheet down to the size that will fit into the frame. If it is an old frame, you can remove the picture that was framed and use it for reference.

Squeeze out the paint and add a little water. Use a brush to paint a rectangle in the center. (If you don’t have a proper paint brush, use an old makeup brush, that’s what I did. There is no point in buying an expensive brush unless you have more uses for it in your mind.)


Let the paint dry. Use a pencil and sketch the silhouette. Practice on a small piece of paper before you actually draw on the painting this helps to judge the dimensions and correct any mistakes. 


Use the gum stick and trace over the drawing carefully, and then fill in the rest.

If you want to draw a horse, here’s a quick way to draw it easily.


Carefully take out a gold leaf and place it on the glued part. Leaves are brittle so you need to be very careful with them. Also, if your hands are greasy, even the slightest bit, the leaves will stick and break. Wearing gloves can save a lot of trouble.


Using another brush, press gently on the foil.

Cover the entire silhouette and let it set.


After a few minutes, take a brush with firm bristles and brush off all the excess gold leaf.


If there are any imperfections you want to correct, use a something with a flat end and remove the extra foil e.g. a paper knife. (Your manicure kit can also come in handy!)

And your master piece is ready!





For more gold leaf art ideas check out this post.

DIY in a Dorm

Have a great weekend and Eid Mubarak!


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