Glue Gun Jewelry

You know what’s better than wearing jewelry? Making jewelry! Not only is it super fun but custom jewelry gives that signature look to your outfits and the best part is that you can make it without breaking the bank.

Read on and find out how to make these adorable pendants using only a glue gun and nail paint.

Glue gun jewelry

Stuff you’d need.

Glue gun jewelry supplies

 Start by drawing the shape on a sturdy piece of paper. Make sure the glue gun is nice and hot and starting from the outer edges, fill in the shape. (If the glue isn’t at the proper temperature, the surface won’t be even.)


Wait till the glue dries. Once it sets, cut out the shape.
You can even out any rough edges of the glue using a pair of scissors.


If you’re adding embellishments, press them onto the glue before it sets to get an impression on the surface and remove them.

Glue gun jewelry

Glue gun jewelry

Paint it using some nail colors and let it dry. Even better if you have acrylics.

Glue gun jewelry

Sprinkle on some glitter before the paint dries. Top it all off with a coat of clear nail polish. Now glue the add-ons in the impression you made before.

You can make pearls using the same technique.

Glue gun jewelry

Experiment with colors and shapes. 

Glue gun jewelry

Use eye shadows instead of glitter for a smoother finish.

Glue gun jewelry

Glue gun jewelry

Add a chain and you’re all set!

Glue gun jewelry

Check out more DIY jewelry ideas here.

DIY in a Dorm

Happy crafting!


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