Skincare Essentials

While it is great to have your makeup game strong, you’re skincare regimen should always be two steps ahead. Taking care of your skin can help you prevent damage that results in breakouts, fine lines, sunspots and so many other scary words! Premature aging is entirely different from the changes in skin that come as we age. Crows feet and smile lines are only natural, but frown lines in your 20’s is a BIG red flag. So grab a pencil and paper, get a checklist ready and make sure to incorporate the following into your skincare ritual.

Skincare Essentials


Drink plenty of water everyday. Even more on hotter days. For some flavor, make your own fruit infused water.


Regular, gentle cleansing

Ideally you should cleanse your face twice daily, this means harsh products can leave your skin dry and flaky. Don’t hesitate to splurge on gentle cleansers with more natural ingredients.



Find a moisturizer that suits your skin and stick to it. Slather some before bed every night, before applying makeup and every time you wash your face. Look for ingredients that are hypo-allergic and penetrate into the deeper skin layers. Never ignore your neck!



Choose the strength based on where you live, broad spectrum SPF is for harsher environments while 40 is fine for everyday use. Put on sunblock even on cloudy days because the UV rays that cause burns and aging aren’t blocked by clouds. In the ingredients, look for titanium oxide or zinc oxide, which provide better protection.


Put on some eyecream

Skin around the eyes being the thinnest skin on the body requires extra pampering. Apply an eyecream every morning and at night. Some products with vitamin A are for nighttime use only so be sure to check.




Use a gentle scrub on your skin every week. It gets rid of the accumulating dead cells giving you that bright glow and also helps other skin products reach the layers where they are needed. Add 1/2 cup brown sugar to 1/2 cup cocunut oil for a DIY option.

sugar srub


Go natural

Instead of spending a fortune on products go for natural skin treatments. Lemon, aloe vera, coconut oil and honey are a few ingredients people all over the world swear by.



Sunglasses and protective clothing

Even with sunblock you need extra protection. Grab a chic pair of sunglasses and a hat. Bonus points for the style!



Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Vitamin C and beta carotene are your skins best friends. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables while cutting on carbs.


Never sleep wearing makeup 

Bacteria love to thrive in clogged pores and accumulating oils. Even if you clean your makeup brushes regularly, a good amount of bacteria still make it onto your skin. Go to bed with a properly cleaned and moisturized face because night is when your skin undergoes regeneration and repair. Also make sure to toss out expired products.


Change pillow cases once a week

Silk pillow cases are considered the friendliest to the skin (though definitely not so friendly to the wallet). Wash your pillow cases and swap them every week. Also wash the pillows themselves every once in a while or keep your pillows in direct sunlight when washing isn’t possible.

Skincare Essentials Pillow Cases

And now go pamper yo’self!

Till next time


2 thoughts on “Skincare Essentials

  1. This post was actually very helpful to me. That fruit – infused water sounded great, I knew about it a lot before but never tried….I think I’d try now. I’d like to tell you something about what I’m recently trying…korean skin care products 😍. These are really amazing to my skin and I think why I didn’t use them before. If you think it’s a good idea, you can recommend your readers with some of the Korean skin care products after you do some research about them. Just saying😀


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