DIY Nightstand

Hey, you guys! Autumn is upon us and it’s time to cuddle up indoors with our favorite books and a hot cup of coffee. And that’s why you are going to need a nightstand to keep your favorite volumes right next to you, this fall.

Gather up the books you’re done reading and give them new life by transforming them into this vintage inspired nightstand. Takes under thirty minutes, and leaves you with something you are going to love forever!

You would need some books, a picture frame and some hot glue. Optional: water colors and newspaper.

DIY Nightstand
Books, frame, glue.

Hardcover books work best for this project, but paperback would do fine too. Stack your books in the order you like. You can arrange them according to the color of the spine, width or size, or go all random.

Once you’ve figured out the arrangement, glue the covers with one another. If you do not want commitment, you can simply stack the books and push them against a wall, unless you have pets/kids to destroy your decor.

Next, choose a print you like to put in the frame. I decided to paint some flowers in water  colors on a book page. Color printing on newsprint is also a great idea.



I ended up using a white frame instead of the initial gold I chose.


Secure the frame to the top book using some more glue.

Ta da!IMG_20180926_155311~2



Happy crafting!

Till next time,



One thought on “DIY Nightstand

  1. Cool idea! You might consider putting a sheet of clear plexiglass in the picture frame so it’s a little less fragile. I think this is a cool way to reuse old books or even ones that have stained or water damaged interiors but the covers still look good.

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