Dorm Tour, LUMS

It’s funny how I randomly came up with this blog’s name and how much I love it now. If you’re a new reader, I am a college student, living in a dorm, and I love to DIY – hence the name ‘DIY in a Dorm’. Technically, the first room tour on the blog should’ve been my own dorm and I’ve been wanting to do it since forever, but with the exams just around the corner, this place is a total mess! So that post is going to have to wait a little longer but for today, I have pictures of my sister’s dorm. Sarosh is doing her major in Physics at LUMS and loves to decorate! 
She has great artistic skills and I’ve shared some of her paintings on the blog before as well, like this Canvas Silhouette.

Her dorm came with basic furniture and a whole lot of rules; no hammering nails, no painting, no scratching the wood and no swapping the furniture! Despite that, she made it into a very warm space with a lot of character. The best part of the decor is that instead of fighting the dominating brown, she went along with it and designed the room around the same color, punctuating the theme with her beautiful paintings and little ornaments that she collects.
So, here are a few pictures of her dorm and I hope you like them as much as I did.

I love this bed because it has storage and if you have lived in a tiny dorm room, you know how precious every inch of storage is!
Over the bed are some sketches she did in ink. Since putting nails in the walls was not allowed, frames weren’t an option and she had to stick them directly on the wall.


These beautiful sketches deserve frames and this makes me so grateful my dorm comes with no rules. And I kid you not when I say no rules. I hammered a whole gallery wall in my last dorm! Take a look.

The study table has storage for books and that let her use this bookshelf to showcase her collection.
That’s such a chic brass and blue contrast!
A vintage paper clip.
Dorm Tour Lums
That planter is made using a plastic bottle. Fun way to recycle!
Poster put up using double-sided tape. It picks on the brown from the bed and adds a nice piece of art without contradicting with the color scheme.
She added wallpaper using double-sided tape to the back of all shelves. It’s a great temporary solution because it comes off very easily without leaving any marks and looks incredible while it’s on. (You can also add bold neons for a fun hit of color in your space!)
The building has very beautiful brick exterior and the contrasting green gardens make the place look amazing.
Living in a small space can be tricky, and buying things that are pretty enough to serve as decor when not in use is a great idea, like these stacked coffee mugs that are placed atop the refrigerator.
It is a very simple study setup but that bookshelf adds so much personality to it.

Dorm Tour Lums

Dorm Tour Lums

This mirror tray is one of my favorite DIY’s to date. You can check out the tutorial here.


I love this galaxy painting she did in acrylics.



That’s it, you guys! I love how cozy this dorm feels and I really hope you loved browsing through the pictures too.

Stay tuned for more awesome tours.

Have a great weekend!



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