DIY Canvas Silhouette


DIY Canvas Silhouette

My siblings are incredible artists. These are some paintings that my sister made for my gallery wall.

And this a sketch my younger brother made.


And all I can do is revamp junk, you guys. 😥

So I visited my sister for Eid and she made this super fun canvas silhouette for me and even took pictures so that I could share it with you guys!

If you want to make this happy little painting too, here goes the how to.

You’d need:

  1. Canvas
  2. Acrylic paints
  3. Paper
  4. Double sided tape
  5. Scissors

Start off by drawing the silhouette you want on a piece of paper and cut it.

Stick it to the canvas using double sided tape so that you can easily peel it off later.

DIY Canvas Silhouette

Draw random waves or patterns over the canvas and start filling each section with a different color.

DIY Canvas Silhouette

She did a dark green first but then changed it to a pastel later.

DIY Canvas Silhouette

With acrylics, it is very easy to cover one layer with another to change the color.

DIY Canvas Silhouette

Start painting from the silhouette and stroke outwards. If your strokes are towards the silhouette, the paint can bleed under the paper.

DIY Canvas Silhouette

Let the paint dry and peel off the paper.

DIY Canvas Silhouette

My room had nothing this colorful and now I absolutely love this cheery painting.

DIY Canvas Silhouette

It adds such a happy vibe to the room.

Thanks, Sho!

Till next time!




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