Patterned Candles

I found these irresistibly adorable candles on a trip to the Walled City. I bought them, without a second thought, only to wonder on the way back what on earth was I going to do with them! Candlelight isn’t really meant for ramen after all. But then I thought, why not? There’s no rule stating one can’t turn instant noodles, after a long tiring day in the hospital, into a fancy treat! So after I knew how I was going to use them, I decided to take things one step further and give these tiny little things a fancy face-lift. And if you’ve read this blog for a while, you know that fancy is read gold.


I decided to spray paint the candles and taped the areas I didn’t want the spray to get on.


I  gave a light coat and waited for it to dry. After a while, I picked one of the candles up and found out that the paint did not stick at all. It wasn’t even dry! This was the first time that spray paint had disappointed me. I took an alcohol wipe and cleaned the candle, thinking it may have been grease that did this. I painted once more but again, there was no luck.


So, I did what people do when they are clueless and confused; googled why didn’t the paint stick. Apparently, to paint wax a different kind of spray paint is needed, which I’d never heard of because – you guessed it – third world. Did I give up? No. Did I paint again? Yes. Because I’m stubborn.

I painted the candles once more and coated the paint with some clear nail polish.  And the nail polish dried without giving me trouble.

Now that isn’t really a very smooth DIY and I had to give you guys something less troublesome. So I did two more candles with a gold marker. It was very simple and quick and turned out so pretty. I did spirals on one and confetti on the other.


The ones on left were spray painted and the two on the right were done with a marker. The shades came out different but they were still pretty.


It’s a quick and inexpensive project, and is perfect if you want an extra glam birthday party or are thinking of having some candlelight dinner.





And if you liked these candles, don’t forget to check out this DIY Lantern project.


Stay tuned for more, you guys.

Till next time!


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